Kadi Tsang 曾婉瑩

Director, Producer, Writer  導演, 製片, 編劇

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Kadi Tsang is an NYU Tisch graduate and a co-founder of Art Avenue. She is the first prize winner for the Undergraduate King & Wasserman Awards and the recipient of Carl Lerner Award for Social Significance at First Run Film Festival. She is a trilingual artist with interests in both Arts and Sciences, global development, and conflicts of human nature. Kadi has worked on various types of live and motion picture productions and has experience working in different departments. Being open-minded and taking the initiative on each of her projects, she devotes herself to creating an inspirational world that facilitates cultural exchange.


曾婉瑩 (Kadi Tsang),畢業於美國紐約大學Tisch藝術學院,並為「Art Avenue」的創辦人之一。她的短片「紅豆湯」曾在First Run電影節中獲得 Undergraduate King & Wasserman Awards 第一名及 Carl Lerner Award for Social Significance。她熱衷於探索全球發展以及人與人之間的衝突。她的三種語言背景不僅讓她有機會參與各地的製作,更能給予她多元的視角。她在各類影片製作和現場表演中擔任製片、導演等職位,而曾在各個部門工作的經歷使她意識到藝術需要透過合作才能產生影響力。她樂於聽取不同的意見,希望能共同創造出一個讓觀眾沉浸其中的影畫世界,可以讓大家彼此學習及交流各種文化和習慣。